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When you solar with        Walker Power      you solar with family

Solar sales company serving New Jersey partnered with Master Elite Roofers

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Our mission at WALKER POWER is to show homeowners, especially the underserved, that the future is here and it IS solar. 

Warning Do NOT Go Solar Until you See This Quick Video

SAMPLE: When you Go Green NJ would pay $75 of your $100 solar bill ($13,500 spread over 15 years). Our aim is to eliminate your electric bill with solar. Your electric usage and your house will dictate if that is possible. In this example you would also receive the federal Solar Initiative Tax Credit (SITC) of $10,000. In a few years, this benefit will end. Visit our CALENDAR to find out more or call 888-866-6117


Solar Loan

  • Get PAID for Production in NJ
  • No Money Down
  • Replaces up to 100% of your electric bill

money back guarantee

30 day money back guarantee. What are you waiting for?


solar lease

  • Guaranteed Solar Production
  • No Money Down
  • Replaces Up To 100% of Your Electric Bill

How To Know If You Can Trust Your Contractor

If you would like a new roof, this is the perfect time. Don’t pay another roofer $15,000 upfront without decent warranties. Our installer partner is a Master Elite Roofer who provides 25+ year warranties included with your project and backed by the 140 year old NJ-based roofing company GAF.

And, even better than that, since the roof installation is connected with your solar installation, the roof would also qualify for the 26% federal tax credit. This is the future. You know you’ll probably get it anyway. Why wait until all the government benefits and incentives are gone? Contact us at 973-98-SOLAR,


How does solar work?

Going solar has amazing benefits for your home, your family, and the world at large. Here are ten of the best reasons Why Walker Power is able to help so many homeowners GO SOLAR!

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What are the costs?

Nothing up front. Plus the state and feds cover much of the costs. By going solar, you can greatly reduce or even totally eliminate your monthly electric bill.

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TESTIMONIAL: Dayana & Oscar Montilla

No hidden or additional charges after we sign the contract. A month later, the installers required a roof fix. We received a check for the full amount of the full amount right after installation.



RIGHT NOW states like New Jersey as well as federal government are paying for much of the entire invoice for those who qualify and choose to OWN solar.

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TESTIMONIAL: Janeth & Sergio

Paul & Jasmine said ‘When you’re with us you’re with family because that’s how we treat our customers.’ We feel like that’s the truth and we would recommend their service to anyone.