Check If You Qualify For A Roof at NO COST to YOU

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Another One Got A Roof AND Solar For Less Than 7 Years of PSE&G Costs! Are You Next?

And she didn’t get just an extra layer of shingles and a five year warranty. She got a Brand New Roof installed by Master Elite Roofers who provide a 50 year warranty which is backed by GAF, the oldest NJ-based roofing company in NJ, at 140 years.

And the price included solar installation which provides about 35 years of electricity. Most of her electric bill was eliminated…But Her Roof Warranty Wasn’t!!! If you are not using a master elite roofer for your roof and solar then your roof warranty will be VOID as soon as the first solar panel is drilled in.

What do you think we can do for you?

Need A New Roof? Are you ready to pay $12,000 to $20,000 upfront for it? Yeah, who is? Check out who we are here: https://WalkerPower.Energy/Roof.

You’ll get a top-of-the-line roof basically for FREE! Nothing is ever free but when you buy something on Special it may cost less than what you otherwise would have had to spend, like 30 to 50% less, or more.

If you’ll need a new roof within a couple of years, would it be a waste of time to get a Risk-Free Roof and Solar estimate to find out how much the government will pay you to Go Solar? Email DesignTeam@WalkerPower.Energy or call 888-866-6117.

For the same amount of money, the average homeowner could get either

• No roof + 15 years of electricity only

• New roof (from an average company with a 10-year warranty) + 7 years of electricity

• New roof with a 50 year warranty installed by a Master Elite Roofer (Top 2% of Roofers) + 35 years of solar energy which eliminates needing the electric company

Which sounds better to you?

We’ll have a GAF Master Elite Roofer perform all of the work. The status “GAF Master Elite Roofer” represents less than 2% of roofing companies. Have you heard of GAF? They are a NJ based, 140-year old roofing company that has installed more roofs in NJ than any other company. GAF stands behind and guarantees all the warranties, etc that you will receive with your new roof installed by our GAF Master Elite Roofer. The warranties are unmatched.

Email me info@WalkerPower.Energy or call 888-866-6117

And we are talking about the GAF Lifetime Roofing System which includes:

1. Leak Barrier

2. Roof Deck Protection

3. Starter Strip Shingle

4. Lifetime Shingles

5. Cobra Attic Ventilation

6. Ridge Cap Shingles

The product is top of the line also! The shingles are the Timberline HDZ, unparalleled by any other shingle and installed 30% faster and more accurately than any other shingle. It comes with LayerLock Technology and WindPower Limited Warranty. This is the industry’s first wind warranty with no maximum wind speed. The standard warranties that come with most of these products are 50 year warranties with 100% coverage.

Qualify to have the program pay for most of your roof: https://WalkerPower.Energy/Roof

Email me info@WalkerPower.Energy or call 888-866-6117. To find out exactly what this program is and if you qualify because not everybody will.

O llámanos a l888-866-6117x2 para español

To schedule your solar savings estimate, visit our calendar:

*My videos will be going up on YouTube every Friday at 6:30am EST.

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