Capability Statement

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Walker Power brokers superior results from the process of solar ownership to residential facilities in NJ and South Carolina focusing on the under-served Hispanic population. In addition, we are bringing our skills to NY residential as well as federal, state, and local municipalities with a focus on our amazing veterans. Our management, who have attained several degrees in the sciences, know that the importance of a clean environment, with calculable savings/gains, is achieved through significant research into the quality and cost of all aspects of owning solar. Walker Power also knows this enormous amount of research, a habit which science degrees demand, is the behavior most individuals and businesses lack enough time to warrant accurate detailed results.

We have several years of experience in the solar industry with many different companies which gives us a deeper understanding of what is important in giving consumers the best experience. Our ultimate goal is to exceed your expectations with superior products, services, and communications. This way you feel like we are your favorite family member who over-researches every purchase convincing you to GO SOLAR. When you solar with Walker Power, you solar with family!


Solar has many moving parts that we take pride in fully understanding and taking the time to explain it to our customers as in-depth as they would like no matter how long ago the paperwork was signed. This include Solar related:

· Solar panel evaluation

· Bilingual – English/Espanol

· Inverter evaluation

· Installer evaluations

· Federal, state & local municipality legal and benefit evaluation

· Rules & Regs of the utility companies

· Evaluation of solar asset management

· Referral to high quality accountant for tax credits advice

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Walker Power was founded after years of experience and many great relationships. We have maintained connections throughout the industry and have learned from the positives and negatives of other companies. Here are a few that have been our partners.