Why Solar

Your house takes care of your family.

Why solar? This is an exciting future where the solution to climate change and having zero control over the monthly increasing electric bill (which you pay for the rest of your life, imagine that) is mostly paid for by the government if you qualify. Owning solar is the right thing to do, and it costs less than what you’re currently paying, has an END DATE, but will continue paying benefits for 35-40 years, AND SOLAR INCREASES YOUR HOME VALUE. It also reduces the uncertainty of your electric bill.

Are you a New Homeowner with less than one year of electricity usage? There is a method to determine with amazing accuracy, how much energy you will use in a year even if you haven't received your first bill. CLICK HERE TO CALCULATE THE LOAD OF ELECTRICITY YOU WILL USE.


Solar Panels For Home - A Few Years Later Review -- Is Solar Worth It?

Here is a real life example of others who bought solar. Go Green and if you would like a new roof, this is the perfect time. Don’t pay another roofer $15,000 upfront without decent warranties. Our installer partner is a Master Elite Roofer who provides 25+ year warranties included with your project and backed by the 140 year old NJ-based roofing company GAF.. NJ would pay $75 of your $125 solar roof bill ($13,500 spread over 15 years). Our aim is to eliminate your electric bill with solar..

And check THIS out. Because the roof installation is connected with your solar installation, the roof would also qualify for the 26% federal tax credit, of about $12,000. Contact us at 888-866-6117 , o para Espanol 888-866-6117;2

, email us or schedule a quick word with us. This is the future. You know you’ll probably get it anyway. Why wait until all the government benefits and incentives are gone?

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This picture is linked to the customer who gave us the bills because she appreciated them so much. Her interview is broken down into eight 1-minute answers to the question listed on the video.

Is anyone serious about this whole "owning solar" thing?

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TESTIMONIAL: Hector Ventura

Walker Power promised a large incentive check to cover the first few solar payments and I received a large check right after installation