Why Solar

Your house takes care of your family.

Why solar? This is an exciting future where the solution to climate change and having zero control over the monthly increasing electric bill (which you pay for the rest of your life, imagine that) is mostly paid for by the government if you qualify. Owning solar is the right thing to do, and it costs less than what you’re currently paying, has an END DATE, but will continue paying benefits for 35-40 years, AND SOLAR INCREASES YOUR HOME VALUE. It also reduces the uncertainty of your electric bill.


This picture is linked to the customer who gave us the bills because she appreciated them so much. Her interview is broken down into eight 1-minute answers to the question listed on the video.

Is anyone serious about this whole "owning solar" thing?

RIGHT NOW, the benefits of owning solar are SO GOOD that people say it’s too good to be true! But pretty soon the cost won’t be as good because the government won’t give you money for doing the right thing. So why wait? That doesn’t make sense! We don’t want people to miss their chance to get something that IS that good because of high pressure salespeople and tactics pushing the rental or leasing of solar power. Let us show you the TRUTH and the difference of working with Walker Power!

TESTIMONIAL: Hector Ventura

Walker Power promised a large incentive check to cover the first few solar payments and I received a large check right after installation