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TESTIMONIAL: Hector Ventura

They have paid me for helping many of my friends go solar. I feel connected to Walker Power because their word is the most important thing.


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We would like to thank Paul & Jasmine Walker for giving us [the financial incentive] they promised to GO SOLAR with Walker Power. We recommend their service to anyone.


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RIGHT NOW, the benefits of owning solar are SO GOOD that people say it’s too good to be true! But pretty soon the cost won’t be as good because the government won’t give you money for doing the right thing. So why wait? That doesn’t make sense! We don’t want people to miss their chance to get something that IS that good because of high pressure salespeople and tactics pushing the rental or leasing of solar power. Let us show you the TRUTH and the difference of working with Walker Power!

Are you a New Homeowner with less than one year of electricity usage? There is a method to determine with amazing accuracy, how much energy you will use in a year even if you haven't received your first bill. CLICK HERE TO CALCULATE THE LOAD OF ELECTRICITY YOU WILL USE.