How to get an increase in home value equal to a loan and have the government pays 80% of it!

Learn How You Can Save $500 On Your Installation!

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Solar Is the Future of Energy...

Everyone has heard of solar, most have heard of the government benefits, many have stepped into the future with the solar benefits, a few were taken advantage of by the solar salesperson. Don’t be the last group. Learn what you need to look for in a company and how you get it with us. With that knowledge, you’ll know if what we promise in our free estimate is better than any other company. (SPOILER ALERT-It is).


What Are The Costs?

So, imagine this, you are going to use electricity for 35 more years. and you’re currently paying $100/month. That total, without inflation, would be $42,000, with inflation well over $60,000. Now, imagine that you have the option to get it; from me by paying $15,000 over 20 years. The state and the federal government will pay for the rest of it. Plus, my electricity will give you a $30,000 tax-free increase in home value immediately. So, rather than wasting $60,000, you are actually $15,000 above zero which is like a $75,000 swing. Do you see how it almost doesn’t matter if my electricity costs $20,000 or a million dollars because you only pay $15,000 while the state and feds pay for the rest?


We're Here For You!

Sound complicated? It is, which is why we take every measure to make sure you get everything we promise by taking care of all the paperwork and being available for any questions. Not to mention we are working with one of the highest-rated Master Elite builders in NJ backed by GAF, a 100+ year old NJ roofing company. And with our CUSTOMER SERVICE, you can’t go wrong.

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Let us help you come into the future with solar and make sure you get the government to pay for it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting your free estimate. Solar isn’t for everyone and maybe it’s not for you but you won’t know unless you see what WE can do. Or you can wait until the government ends the benefits and mandates them. Most of our customers are referrals because When you solar with Walker Power you solar with Family! Join the family with a company that will treat you like family.

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