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Multipart Series - How To Get The Best Solar Proposal

This solar educational video series consists of approximately 1 minute videos; listed in order. This series describes each benefit individually so you can get the Best Solar Proposal. This multipart series will help you understand:

This is what Solar offers:

1. Get an answer to all your climate concerns

2. Eliminate your electric bill

3. Increase the value of your home

4. Have power during a blackout (NEW)

5. Help the Environment

6. Get a HUGE 26% Federal Tax Credit - SITC

7. Get NJ Solar Money – SREC - Cash deposited in your account for every MW for 15 years

8. Maybe even a FREE Roof – with Lifetime Warranties

9. Get it for less than you’re paying the electric company

Our customers learn that our knowledge, experience & availability, especially for the questions they feel are most important to them is one of the most significant differences between us and the others

Long after the paperwork is completed is when the really important questions suddenly appear and haunt your mind until answered. Coincidentally, it is also when most other companies solar sales-people disappear…like a bad magic show. Why do you think solar initially developed so many angry homeowners?

The best part about us treating our customers like family, is that people are so thrilled about us that many have made videos describing their experience; in English for mobile: https://wpe.link/TrustM, for Laptop/PC/TV: https://wpe.link/TrustL

or Spanish: shorturl.at/mcejm

There are many reasons everyone trusts our company, Walker Power. Our customers haven’t just heard our slogan, they have experienced our slogan.

When you solar with walker power you solar with family!

To schedule your solar savings estimate, visit our calendar: https://wpe.link/hZoom

For more information , email info@WalkerPower.Energy

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