Solar Power System For Home: Ultimate Beginners Guide for New Homeowners

This is a Warning if you have less than a year of electric bills and would like to Go Solar. In order to get solar, the electric company must approve the request. The standard requirement by the electric company is One-Year of electric usage with a maximum solar production of about 100%.

But as a new homeowner how do you know how much solar you’ll need? Is the lowest price really the best deal? Solar is a big decision, an important decision which means price is only one aspect of a great deal.

The best deal includes

1. The correct amount of good quality solar panels and inverters with warranties

2. High quality installation from a local company with warranties

3. A company who tells you the truth, especially about the federal tax credit and will be available long after you sign the agreement because you will have questions later.

If our salesman knows you have other quotes then they might sell you an inadequate solar system so their price is lower, conning you into thinking it’s a better deal. Otherwise, they’ll sell you the biggest system they can to get the largest commission.

If they tell you they know how much energy you will use from one of three ways, run like hell:

1. They took the average of how much energy your neighbors use. This method implies there is nothing special or important about you, you don’t make your own choices and you act the exact same as all of your neighbors. Finally, after you sign the documents you will never get a question answered because they believe everyone needs the same thing and that’s what they offer.

2. They based it on the square footage of your house. This is extremely inaccurate and the lazy way to get a design and say you need whatever they think will get you to sign the contract.

3. They based it on your current bill and used a formula to estimate the rest. This can be extremely inaccurate as well. You just move in, haven’t completely settled in and you may or may not have your house and appliances the way you want it.

The most accurate way is if they use a “load calculator” with your input. The Load Calculator form is from the electric companies and it calculates how much energy you will use based on your appliances, AC, computers, cell phone chargers, etc. The sales person must ask about this otherwise they didn’t actually use the load calculator. You can get a copy of the form New Homeowners need here: https://WalkerPower.Energy/New

It would be ideal for us if you Go Solar with us and it would be ideal for you to , at least, know how much solar the correct amount is; not too much, not too little. Either way, compare Apples to Apples. This means the system sizes should be identical when you compare the prices. Ninety-nine percent of the time we are less expensive and 100% of the time our workmanship, warranties and customer service just make the competition look silly. We would love to give you a risk-free quote. Go to https://WalkerPower.Energy/Get-A-Quote to find out how much money you can save with solar.

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If you would like a new roof, this is the perfect time. Don’t pay another roofer $15,000 upfront without decent warranties. Our installer partner is a Master Elite Roofer who provides 25+ year warranties included with your project and backed by the 140 year old NJ-based roofing company GAF. And, even better than that, since the roof installation is connected with your solar installation, the roof would also qualify for the 26% federal tax credit.

This is the future. You know you’ll probably get it anyway. Why wait until all the government benefits and incentives are gone?

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