The 4 Steps Walker Power Takes to Effectively Install Your Solar Panels

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At Walker Power, we want to show you that the future is here and it is solar. With our solar panels, you save on your yearly electric bill and find a solution to climate change.

When you work with our team at Walker Power, you can have your solar panels installed in just four easy steps. Learn about our installation process and join the future today with our solar energy systems!



If you’re new to the world of solar, you’ll want to start with an initial consultation from our team. We’ll talk about your options when it comes to solar panels, along with the logistics that come with switching to solar power.


Design and Financing

Once you’ve decided that solar panels are your future, it’s time to start the design and financing process. First, we’ll want to figure out how many and what type of solar panels you need for your home or business. From there, we offer different financial services, including a lease or loan, to help you transform your property with solar panels.



Now it’s the fun part! Walker Power will come out and help install your new solar panels. Work with our team to schedule that installation. We work to give you the best solar installation experience with trained and reliable installers.


Receiving Solar Benefits

Once your solar panels are installed, you’re ready to start receiving solar benefits! From lowering your electric bill to helping save the planet, you’ll start noticing the benefits right away.

When You Solar With Us, You Solar With Family

Don’t wait for a sign. Join our solar family today — schedule a solar energy system consultation with our team at Walker Power in New Jersey and South Carolina.

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The 4 Steps Walker Power Takes to Effectively Install Your Solar Panels