Eliminate Your Electric Bill And Get A Roof For No $ Down When You Bundle With Solar

Everyone knows you save money when you bundle purchases but did you know that with the state & federal incentives you could make your investment back in just a couple of years?

Of course many don’t have the cash available or access to the cash, so, until they speak with us, they think they’re a victim of circumstance. This is America, which creates victors, not victims. Let us know that you do not want to be a victim by calling (888) 866-6117, where you’ll find out all the specific benefits of our program. In general, you’ll her about the following:

You will get the most comprehensive, life- time coverage, warranties, on a roof installed by the most talented group of roofers, the top 2% in the country, our GAF master elite roofers. You might be thinking, “no way can I afford quality like that” so how would you feel if you got all of that essentially for free…with 50 year warranties, backed by GAF , of course? Would you like if we came back only a few days after you agree that you want the roof in order to give you a free roof patches to stop any small current leaks until we come back after receiving the permits and completely redo the entire roof?

Even if you didn’t plan on doing that this year, wouldn’t that take away the stress building up until you absolutely have to do it…and there aren’t any specials?

When you step into the future with walker power, EMT roofing and solar you’ll get 25 year solar panel installation and workmanship warranties. This will be organized by the best local solar advisor who will be available for any questions you might have. Even questions like how can you offer those amazing warranties at such a crazy low price?

Aside from the fact that I am a retired nurse, so my nature is to treat people correctly. Our prices are low but they are not ’crazy’. The crazy price is what the competition was charging with barely any warranty at all. They were really taking advantage of you.

Our customers learn that our knowledge, experience & availability, especially for the questions they feel are most important to them is one of the most significant differences between us and the others

unfortunately, customers who don’t use us, will have to experience that those really important questions usually don’t come to mind until long after the paperwork is completed (which, coincidentally, is when most other companies solar sales-people disappear…like a bad magic show. Not sure if I’m just putting down the competition? Fair enough. Why do you think solar initially developed so many angry homeowners?

The best part about us treating our customers like family, is that people are so thrilled about us that many have made videos describing their experience; in English: https://rb.gy/ptzpwz or Spanish: shorturl.at/mcejm

Right now, for a limited time you can seize this special offer to feel pampered & in control during such an important purchasing process which really stresses out most people who don’t work with us...but that’s just because the sales rep keeps “ghosting” them.

When you solar with walker power you solar with family.

There are many reasons everyone trusts our company, walker power. Our customers haven’t just heard our slogan, they have experienced our slogan.

When you solar with walker power you solar with family!

To get more information, here is our contact info: www.walkerpower.energy

Office: 888-866-6117 cell: 973-98-solar

Email: roof@walkerpower.energy

Calendar: https://wpe.link/meet1

For more information, email roof@WalkerPower.Energy or call 888-866-6117

*my videos will be going up every Friday on our YouTube channel https://wpe.link/YouTube at 6:30am est.

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When you bundle your Roof & Energy together the roof might have no cost.

Eliminate your electric bill and get a roof for no $ down when you bundle with solar