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At Walker Power, we want to show you that the future is here and it is solar. With our solar panels, you save on your yearly electric bill and find a solution to climate change.

Not sure why you should work with our team at Walker Power? Learn more about the benefits of switching to a solar energy system in New Jersey.

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We want to make solar power accessible to everyone. Speak Spanish? Contact us to schedule your initial consultation and ask to speak with one of our bilingual team members! Se Habla Español: (908) 95-GREEN

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With You Every Step of the Way

We know that the world of solar panels can feel overwhelming to any homeowner ready to take the first steps. That’s why our team is here to guide you through every step of the way: from the initial consultation and design to the final installation.

We know how powerful solar energy for your home is, and we don’t want people to miss out on the opportunity of switching to solar because of high-pressure sales tactics? or the need to rent solar power. Work with Walker Power to find a team committed to helping you step into the future!

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Customized Solar Energy Systems

Every home and business is different, especially when it comes to solar power. Before we come out to install solar panels on your property, we’ll work with you to create a free solar proposal. In that proposal, we’ll look at factors like:

  • How much of your electric bill you’re looking to reduce

  • How many panels you need and where they will go

  • How much financing will be for the installation

  • The federal and state benefits you might be entitled to

With this approach, we’ll ensure you’re getting the most when it comes to your solar panels!

When You Solar With Us, You Solar With Family

Don’t wait for a sign. Join our solar family today — schedule a solar energy system consultation with our team at Walker Power .

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