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Walker Power brings the FUTURE to New Jersey

Solar Companies in NJ

We have customers throughout South Carolina and New Jersey. In NJ you can often find at the Jersey Shore, in Central Jersey, North Jersey, South Jersey and Union Township.

Reduce the uncertainty and anxiety that can come with the decision to GO SOLAR. We are voted as one of the best Solar companies in NJ because of our extensive knowledge, significant experience and focus on customer support. Most people do not realize they need support until a few months after they Go Solar, they are installed and the sales team has been paid. I have heard plenty of stories where the homeowner’s system is not on and the solar company they used never answers the phone or calls back. Our customers tell us how that prevented them from going solar until they met us. Please check out our TESTIMONIALS page and our FAQ page.

Stepping into the FUTURE with Walker Power is as easy as 1, 2, 3, A, B, C


Get your FREE Estimate

After you fill out our intake form and send us the graph on your electric bill (see picture) we create a solar proposal to review with you. This will show you:

  1. how much of your electric bill will be eliminated and the savings you will see,
  2. how many panels you will need and where they will be
  3. The federal and state benefits you’re entitled to
  4. The finance amount
  5. When you like what you see we find out your monthly payment

The solar process from start to solar production to getting paid for your solar energy production is a long process with many steps the solar company must take. To the national companies, you are just a number; a file that could slip through the cracks between the steps. Imagine if you could never get a hold of anyone after they got your signature.

IT HAPPENS! You have finally found a family-owned solar company that will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. We offer Amazing products at Great prices with a service 2nd to none.

You might be thinking “Everybody says that”.

Yup. They do, unfortunately. That is exactly why you should not just take our word for it, see our 2-minute SOLAR CUSTOMER REVIEWS video or full video interviews on our CUSTOMER VIDEO REVIEWS page.


TESTIMONIAL: Dayana & Oscar Montilla

No hidden or additional charges after we sign the contract. A month later, the installers required a roof fix. We received a check for the full amount of the full amount right after installation.



Solar Loan

Get PAID for Production in NJ

No Money Down

Replaces up to 100% of your electric bill

Learn More

Finance up to 25 years for a predictable payment

Maintenance options

Product and workmanship warranties are standard


For ANY Loan or Lease

You have NOTHING TO LOSE when you get a solar lease or loan (financing) through Walker Power’s financial services.

For a small local solar company like Walker Power to be able offer this GUARANTEE we establish the beginning of this 30-day period when the lease or loan (financing) paperwork is signed. This is completed when the homeowner approves the solar system.


Solar Lease

Guaranteed Solar Production

No Money Down

Replaces Up To 100% of Your Electric Bill

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Lease for a low monthly payment with NO DEBT to repay

Maintenance options available

Product and workmanship warranties are standard

REC 365 Alpha specs and warranties_1.jpg

REC 365AA solar panels

25 year product warranty

25 year workmanship warranty

Click the link to download the Spec Sheet,


SunPower SPR-P17-340-COM solar panel

We have panels from the company who provides solar panels to NASA. Click the link to see SunPower on solarreviews.com. Or, you can download the Spec Sheet by click those words.


Solaria 400w: Solaria PowerXT® Pure Black

•20%+ efficiency

•Enhanced shade performance

•Industry-leading 25-Year Power, Parts & Labor Warranty

Click the link to learn more directly from the Solaria.com Website.

Panasonic 350.jpg

Panasonic 350w: EverVolt™ Black Series Module

All Guard and TripleGuard 25-year warranty covers performance, product, parts and labor for lasting value. Click the link to learn more directly from the Panasonic Energy Solutions Website.

Product warranties offered on products up to 25 years. Workmanship warranties refer to roof and system installation. (see Solar Agreement for details).

Long after we benefit from you Going Solar, we are still there to make sure you benefit from producing solar.

But, again, don’t trust us or anyone who HAS NOT worked with us, trust people who completed the solar process WITH US. Listen to our SOLAR CUSTOMER REVIEWS. And feel free to check out our Facebook Page!



I would like to thank Paul & Jasmine for the referral bonus they paid me because I helped them help a family member Go Solar.