How to get the SITC

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Get Green To Go Green: How To Get the SITC (Federal Solar Initiative Tax Credit)

What is an SITC? Is the Solar Initiative Tax Credit the federal solar credit? How do I get the federal solar tax credit? When do I get them?

This video answers all that. This federal benefit has been extended but is going away soon

If you are looking for the SITC form or instructions then you have come to the right place!

This is a one-time federal tax credit that can be taken in parts over a few years if it is too large to obtain at once. The credit is based on the cost of the solar system at a percentage determined by the year purchased. The SITC was scheduled to be 22% this year and it would have been the last purchase year available. The one good thing that COVID-19 has done for Americans who own solar is that it increased and extended the SITC to 26%.

We are not accountants, nor do we claim to be. We ARE able to answer general questions and point you to one of our associated accountants if necessary.

Unfortunately, too many accountants don’t understand the solar tax paperwork. If you purchased/financed solar and it is installed then YOU QUALIFY FOR A FEDERAL TAX CREDIT of potentially TENS of THOUSANDS OF $$! Check out our FREE, downloadable, guide below where I show you how. Please feel free to call our NEW JERSEY OFFICE You can also EMAIL us with questions. Just click the appropriate button.

IRS form 5695 or f5695


Simple Solar Federal Tax Credit Simplified in 2021

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