Check If You Qualify For A Roof at NO COST to YOU

What to Expect When Changing Your Roof and How to Get It Paid for Post-Pandemic

We’ll have a GAF Master Elite Roofer perform all of the work. This status representing the quality of this roofer is a distinction held by less than 2% of roofing companies. They are a NJ based, 140-year old roofing company that has installed more roofs in NJ than any other company. GAF stands behind and guarantees all the warranties, etc that you will receive.

With GAF You'll Get

1. Leak Barrier

2. Roof Deck Protection

3. Starter Strip Shingle

4. Lifetime Shingles

5. Cobra Attic Ventilation

6. Ridge Cap Shingles

3 Reasons To Replace Your Roof Free with Roof Replacement Programs

1. Get installation by Master Elite Roofers

2. Get a 50-year warranty…Standard

3. Get part or all of your electric bill eliminated.

How To Stop A Leaking Roof Until Roofers Arrive To Repair It

While it seems easier & cheaper to do another repair, most don’t think about the fact that no one is really excited about moving into a house with repaired roof leaks, possible water damage and a 100% need to get a new roof immediately. The only way to get interest from a buyer is to reduce the home price more than the cost a brand-new roof. So the seller would lose that money anyway.

When You Bundle Your Roof & Energy Together The Roof Might Have No Cost

Get the most comprehensive, life- time coverage, warranties, on a roof installed by the most talented group of roofers, the top 2% in the country, our GAF master elite roofers.

But what if you have a “special” roof like:

1. Flat-roof

2. Rubber Roof

3. Concrete Roof

4. Clay Roof

5. Corrugated Metal Roofing

6. Standing Seam Metal

YES. We Install each type. The metal needs to be a certain thickness to be approved and of course the roof and home must meet safety standards.

Why Do People Trust Us?