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We are offering a $250 for you to Go Solar or use as a referral bonus to help a friend come into the future. This way you can get paid to help all those people who have been asking you about your solar.

Or, up to $300 rebate on the Sunway Lighting Products below - a favorite of our customers as well as Walker Power

Walker Power is Now Accepting

Walker Power is Now Accepting Glee316 Tokens for our Panel Protection Program! Learn how to get FREE Glee316 Tokens or Watch an Interview with a Founder of Glee 316


Get FREE Cryptocurrency!

Did you miss the Bitcoin rush like most other people? Don't you wish you had the opportunity to purchase $300 in bitcoin when they were $1 each? Now they are $50,000 each and climbing. They started out at less than 1 penny.

The Glee 316coin is backed by solar power, Mesquite water and power, several farms, and other products so, unlike Bitcoin, it has intrinsic value. Get 316 Glee316 coins for free when you register using the picture link below.

We are now accepting Glee316 Tokens for our panel protection program

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Walker Power Supports Local Businesses like the Dollar Store

We are helping people avoid the need to enter stores packed with people...possibly COVID people...to get everyday items at a discount. We do this by offering FREE DELIVERY on tens of thousands of, mostly, Made-In-America, products on orders over $25. CLICK HERE to see why this is so important to us and click the pic to get to Elizabeth.DollarStore.com, the one that delivers.