WP - Panel Protection Program

Protect your panels with critter guards

Can you afford NOT to know?

You made an investment in the future by Going Solar. Unfortunately, the squirrels and birds made an investment in a nest underneath your panels. They might be cute but do you know how expensive they can be? All that money you spent on those panels could soon be worthless when they eat through the wires.

Imagine how it would feel when the $80,000 loan you took out last year to get 40 years of solar energy resulted in only a year and ½ of solar energy and a massive colony of squirrels and birds eating through the solar wiring and roof while fighting each other to the death for the prime sub-solar panel real estate. Then you end up with bird shit and squirrel blood covering the windows and front porch for all the neighbors to see.

Next, a contractor says it will cost you $20,000 for a new roof and $15,000 to fix all the water damage caused by the squirrels eating holes in the roof through to your attic. Unfortunately, your children get deathly ill from the bacteria and bird/squirrel feces entering from the squirrel-created skylight below your solar panels as well as the children’s allergies acting up.

Do you think that story is too over the top? CHECK THIS VIDEO!

FORTUNATELY, this happens at a very small rate but it happens suddenly, without warning and regardless of whether or not any of your neighbors with solar panels have it happen. (Squirrels and birds aren’t that organized. What it comes down to is how important your solar investment, mortgage and family are to you. PREVENTION IS KEY!

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You made a good decision to GO SOLAR. Make another good decision and protect your investment.

Some of the larger companies are charging $2000 to $4000 just to clean underneath the panels. We are less 1/2 that. We also offer Critter Guards, a small fence around your panels only a few inches high that prevents any more critters from getting in. As a solar owner, you took the initiative to help save the planet from climate change. You should be rewarded, not punished for that. Most solar panel homeowners have had their friends and neighbors ask them how the experience has been. Help us make your experience great and help your neighbors to get BIG price discounts on our protection services.


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We received a 3-month advanced rebate check for [three months of solar] right after installation. We are very happy with how the process went, that they answered all my questions and eased my concerns.